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The outfits actively engages with the environment. It is an exciting examination of classic and traditional inspirations, which has been shaped by futuristic influences. On the outside, the coat with its checked pattern looks like a classic trench coat, but the coat is reinterpreted due to its versatility. The metallic inside is meant to make society reflect on itself and be open to new things. When running, completely new shapes are created in the coat and these are intended to show you to keep moving and to develop further. The outfit under the coat is also used for optimal movement and thus supports the thesis of continuous further development. Due to the slight shine, it adapts to the futuristic inner material of the coat.

 photo vogue fashion


Production & Creative Direction by 222Studio @222studio_official

Photography by Mustafa Ali Abdullah @mustafavabdullah

                               & Stella Szymber @szympanse

Styling by Shirin Paul @shirinsky

Models Hanna Lambrecht @hanna.lmbrcht & @annajn27

snow editorial





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