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In the gentle embrace of home

in autumn‘s glow,

apples ripen sweetly, basking in the sun‘s warm flow.


In the garden, where the trees are old and wise,

each branch bears fruits, a delectable surprise.


Leaves gently fall, like whispers in the air,

and apples shine like a starry affair.


Their colors gleam, in red and gold so bright,

A harvest celebration, a soul‘s delight.


In each bite, you taste your homeland near,

the sweet fruit, so lovely, crystal clear.


Autumn tells stories, deep and wide,

of warmth, of home, of joyous life‘s stride.


So pick the apples, feel autumn‘s embrace,

the love for home, deep within your grace.

In apple pies, applesauce, and wine,

home comes alive, sweet and divine.



Production & Creative Direction by 222Studio @222studio_official

Photography by Mustafa Ali Abdullah @mustafavabdullah

Styling by Shirin Paul @shirinsky

Model Frederike Anna Pelz @fritzi.peetz from @m4models

MUAH by Marina Frank @marina_makeupartist_andmore 






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