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For this editorial Shirin from our 222 Studio Team was responsible for the outfits.

Photographers Chris Haimerl and Lena Matzelberger@bychrishaimerl @bylenamatzelberger present From Dusk Till Dawn a fashion editorial exlcusivvely created for Vanity Teen online with the handsome models Jacob Rott @jacob_rtt and Tim Schäcker @timschaecker represented by East Wes t Models @eastwestmodels who are part of the famous Elevator Boys @elevatormansion from TikTok.

jacob rott
elevator boys


Models Jacob Rott @jacob_rtt and Tim Schäcker @timschaecker represented by @eastwestmodels 

Photographed by Chris Haimerl and Lena Matzelberger @bychrishaimerl @bylenamatzelberger

Styled by Shirin Paul @shirinsky 

Makeup by Nicole Böhm@bynicoleboehm

Hair by Luca Matzelberger @luuuucey_

isabella rudzki design
jacob rott elevator boys
jacob rott shirin paul





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