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"Whispers in the Woods" invites the audience to step into a dreamscape where fashion and nature coalesce, creating a visual symphony that resonates with the delicate balance of the approaching colder months, where every rustle of the leaves and every gentle breeze tells a tale of timeless elegance. 

The entire styling comprises thoughtfully chosen sustainable clothing pieces, aiming to showcase to consumers how beautiful sustainable fashion can be. It is of utmost importance to us to unite fashion and sustainability, maintaining our world in harmony with nature and in balance.



Production & Creative Direction by 222Studio @222studio_official

Photography by Mustafa Ali Abdullah @mustafavabdullah

Styling by Shirin Paul @shirinsky

Model Miya-Lara @miyamajestry from @pma_models

              Nicole Lvova @_fireabend

MUAH by Thora Geißler @thorageissler 

Vanguard #21 vol.7 c.jpg





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